RFID & NFC chips are an event experience turbo boost

Be amongst the innovators.
Explore some contactless engagement options below

+ Rate customers potential
+ Record specific interests
+ Add comments
+ Deliver emails when scanning
Lead collection
+ Different voucher categories
+ Single & multiple consumptions
+ Record per person
+ Collect achievements as team or individual
+ Award different points per station/challenge
+ Live stream leaderboard
+ Rapid guest checkin
+ Secure identification
+ Personalisation & Accreditation
+ Contact tracing

Contactless guest management

+ Event Management Plattform
+ Event Apps
+ NFC Badges & NFC wristbands
+ NFC Stickers
+ Collect feedback at stations
+ See results instantly
+ Use text, graphics or icons
+ Quizzes, games, personalized info pages
+ We customize engaging interactions with your brand design & content
Multimedia experiences
+ Read NFC chip with smartphone
+ Link to content of your choice
+ Product or promo page, Video portal, Surveys..
Smartphone interactions
+ Take smartphone pictures
+ Tag each person with a tap
+ Automagical email to each person
+ Automagical photo gallery creation

NFC is everywhere

Contactless NFC chips are present in all areas of our daily life.

A major contributor to it is one of our customers

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Winners are innovators, especially in Sports

Look at the the use cases we put together